I had so much fun with my reading goal last year, I’m running it back. Rather than wait until the end, I figured I’d do periodic updates along the way. I’m being as flexible as I feel inclined to be any given month about what counts as a book. Below are the books I read in the first three months of 2023.

(Link to last year’s reading goal post because my blog template gets weird if I put a link in the first paragraph and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it).

I decided I wanted to read more comics this year, and kicking things off with Starstruck was a delight. It was a little hard to follow at times, but once I got my sea legs (space legs?), I was in love. The universe of Starstruck is equal parts whimsical and cynical in a truly joyous way. The comics are available online at https://starstruckcomics.com/, but I thought reading it on paper was well worth it.

If you’re into the particularly nerdy depths that is RPG actual plays, I got turned onto Starstruck by the Dimension 20 Actual Play. Speaking of actual plays, I am adoring Worlds Beyond Number. The Children’s Campaign available on the Worlds Beyond Number Patreon is well worth it.