As part of a larger effort to spend less time on my phone and more time doing things I love, I read 61 books in 2022. I wrote about how it was strange that I didn’t read very much despite very much identifying as a reader back in 2020. After a solid warmup year in 2021, I really hit my stride in 2022.

As with a lot of things, I was inspired by Cal Newport. I started off the year with a more modest goal of 2 books a month, then, after an 11 book bender in May, I figured I could handle a 5 books a month goal. Since I had some uneven months already, I decided to go for an average of 5 books a month, rather than exactly 5 every month. This goal felt aggressive, but flexible, and it kept me motivated through the year.

Shifting from reading a little to reading a lot, and spending less time on my phone as a result, was a huge boon to my mental health and happiness this year.

Without further ado, here are the 61 books I read in 2022. My favorites are noted “fav”. This table may break the layout on my blog. If it does, apologies. I’m working on it :)

If the table below is illegible, try this version on google drive

Number Month Title Series Author Favorites
1 January Deep Work   Cal Newport  
2 January The Graveyard Book   Neil Gaiman  
3 January The Curse of Chalion World of the Five Gods 1 Lois McMaster Bujold  
4 January Paladin of Souls World of the Five Gods 2 Lois McMaster Bujold  
5 February Piranesi   Susanna Clarke Fav
6 February New Suns   ed. Nisi Shawl  
7 March Designing Design   Kenya Hara  
8 March Precision Nutrition   John Berardi  
9 April Delicious   Rob Dunn, Monica Sanchez  
10 April This is How You Lose the Time War   Amal El-Mohtar, Max Gladstone Fav
11 April Among Others   Jo Walton Fav
12 April A Psalm for the Wild-built Monk & Robot 1 Becky Chambers  
13 May Travel Light   Naomi Mitchison  
14 May The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet Wayfarers 1 Becky Chambers Fav
15 May Closed and Common Orbit Wayfarers 2 Becky Chambers Fav
16 May Record of a Spaceborn Few Wayfarers 3 Becky Chambers Fav
17 May A The Galaxy and the Ground Within Wayfarers 4 Becky Chambers Fav
18 May Bird by Bird   Anne Lamott  
19 May Nova   Samuel R. Delany  
20 May The Caves of Steel   Isaac Asimov  
21 May Foundation Foundation Isaac Asimov  
22 May Tell the Machine Goodnight   Katie Williams  
23 May How Long ‘Til Black Future Month   N.K. Jemisin Fav
24 June Gold Fame Citrus   Claire Vaye Watkins  
25 June Skyward Inn   Aliya Whiteley  
26 June Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep   Philip K. Dick  
27 June On Bullshit   Harry G. Frankfurt  
28 June 5/3/1   Jim Wendler  
29 July The Dispossessed   Ursula K. Le Guin  
30 July Three Parts Dead The Craft Sequence 1 Max Gladstone  
31 July There is No Good Card for This   Emily McDowell, Kelsey Crowe  
32 July The Art of Lifting   Greg Nuckols  
33 July The Science of Lifting   Greg Nuckols  
34 July Several People are Typing   Calvin Kasulke  
35 July The Shards of Earth The Final Architecture 1 Adrian Tchaikovsky  
36 July Leviathan Wakes The Expanse 1 James S.A. Corey  
37 July A Prayer for the Crown-shy Monk & Robot 2 Becky Chambers  
38 August Klara and the Sun   Kazuo Ishiguro  
39 August At Home   Bill Bryson  
40 August Caliban’s War The Expanse 2 James S.A. Corey  
41 August Two Serpents Rise The Craft Sequence 2 Max Gladstone  
42 August Full Fathom Five The Craft Sequence 3 Max Gladstone  
43 August Last First Snow The Craft Sequence 4 Max Gladstone  
44 August Four Roads Cross The Craft Sequence 5 Max Gladstone  
45 September The Ruin of Angels The Craft Sequence 6 Max Gladstone  
46 September Abaddon’s Gate The Expanse 3 James S.A. Corey  
47 September Nona the Ninth The Locked Tomb Tamsyn Muir  
48 October Play Unsafe   Graham Walmsley  
49 October Never Have I Ever   Isabel Yap  
50 October Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master   Michael E. Shea  
51 October Swordspoint The Riverside Series 1 Ellen Kushner  
52 November The Eyes of the Void The Final Architecture 2    
53 November Cibola Burn The Expanse 4 James S.A. Corey  
54 November Nemisis Games The Expanse 5 James S.A. Corey  
55 November The Stars are Legion Wayward Children 1 Kameron Hurley  
56 December Noor   Nnedi Okorafor  
57 December Floralinda and the Forty Flight Tower   Tamsyn Muir  
58 December The Empress of Salt and Fortune The Singing Hills Cycle 1 Nghi Vo  
59 December Every Heart a Doorway   Seanan McGuire  
60 December To Be Taught If Fortunate   Becky Chambers Fav
61 December The Long Loaf   Andrew Barton Fav