A quick loaf update!

I’ve baked a few more loaves since my post about Andrew Barton’s The Long Loaf, and in that time my sourdough starter has grown more vigorous and now fully fills my loaf pan, so if I bake it with the lid on, I get a strange and charming square loaf like a pain de mie or pullman loaf.


The loaf shown above had two changes to the recipe in my previous post:

  1. I left the lid on the whole time in the oven, rather than taking it off for the second half of the bake.
  2. I forgot about my bread several times during the process of making the dough, so all my timing was abnormal, and due to the magic of Barton’s loaf pan approach, it all worked out just fine anyways!

One of these two changes gave the interior of the loaf an even more pudding-like consistency, which I quite liked! Next I will leave the lid on the whole time again, and also bake the bread at a single temperature for the full baking time, rather than 500F for the first half and 450F for the second half like I have been.