Today’s mood: “I Want to Grow Up” - Colleen Green

Sometimes I imagine what I would teach if I were given free rein to design an architecture studio. This is by far the best one I’ve come up with.

ARCH 505: Architecture and Imagery

In this design studio, the sole means of architectural representation will be the spoken word. The goal is to strengthen the imagination and to harness the descriptive power and flexibility of language. We will explore literary imagery, acting theory, imagination games, memory techniques, meditation and more. The final presentation of the design work will be a monologue.


In fantasy novels, when the hero must learn to strengthen their mind in order to do magic, it’s totally badass. It gets me going. I love it. See channeling in The Wheel of Time or alar in The Name of the Wind. Only when their minds are strong enough can they speak the words to do magic.

This is also how stories work. A storyteller with a strong mind can speak the words to transport you to another world.

As an architect, could I develop the ability to do this too?

I hope so.